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Our product TMreserve

TMreserve is our first complete solution, which we developed on the basis of the translators’ needs identified by us. This involves an Internet platform for analysing texts and networked translation memories (TMs).

In particular, TMreserve has the following features:


Text analysis

TextanalyseAnalyse the texts you want to translate, find out which sentences are repeated or similar and edit these sentences.

Database analysis

DatenbankanalyseAnalyse the texts you want to translate for matches in the database, find out if one of the networked users has already translated your texts either partially or completely and buy the relevant TM segments.

Concordance search

konkordanzanalyseCheck how to translate individual words or sentences in the online database.

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About us

We are a young IT company having our roots in the field of language services.

Using the relevant processes and operational requirements in this field as our starting point, we identify potential for improvement, on the basis of which we programme and develop individual software modules for the specific and general needs of our customers.

Parallel to this, we operate our company’s own TMreserve platform for translators.

We are strictly geared to practical requirements and focus on implementing useful features in a clear and well-arranged way as well as on easy operation.

And this is how you do it

If you are a translator, you should make a point of trying out TMreserve – you will never regret it!

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